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    • Tuesday, December 07, 2021
    • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
    • Zoom

    Hello Fellow Beekeepers,

    This will be our last North Cluster meeting for the year 2021.  It sure has been another interesting year! We, The North Cluster Coordinators, want to thank all of you for participating as we muddled our way through offering Zoom Educational Meetings, a couple Bee Cafés, and a few Hive Dives. We enjoyed spending time with you all and sharing our bee knowledge with you!

    We would like to invite you to join us for a Zoom Meeting on Dec. 7 6PM


    Meeting ID: 811 8199 3188 
    Passcode: 698926 

    In this meeting, we would like to see how everyone’s bees are doing after preparing them for winter or if your bees did not make it, we all can certainly give some feedback AND share our sympathy. It is also a good time to start cleaning your frames and supers, which we can talk about some methods for that. 

    Another subject we would like to talk about is to see if anyone has questions about becoming a North Cluster Coordinatorvolunteer.  We are in need of someone to do some behind the scenes scheduling/coordinating for the North Cluster monthly meetings. You will need access to a computer with internet access and some computer knowledge to learn the software toschedule the monthly meetings.  It would be helpful to have an additional Cluster Coordinator to work with as a team and back each other up and decide on what topics to discuss during the year. All three current coordinators are available to assist in thistransition.  You can always send a direct email to Maureen Landwehr for any specific questions 

    We sure have enjoyed getting to know all of you this past year. The North Cluster has a great group of members to hang out with and share bee happenings with!

    Wishing you a happy festive Thanksgiving!


    Maureen, Cindi and Julie

    North Cluster Coordinators

    • Monday, December 13, 2021
    • 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Zoom

    5:50 - 6:00 pm - login to Zoom.

    Meeting ID: 835 8340 0920

    Passcode: 749427

    6:05 pm - SCBA news and meet our newbees

    7:00 pm - Our December program is "Darwinian Beekeeping", by Thomas Seeley.

    We are pleased to have Guest Speaker Thomas Seeley joining us for our December meeting.  He is the Horace White Professor in Biology at Cornell University and an ardent beekeeper.  Dr. Seeley has been studying bees for more than 40 years and has written numerous books including Honeybee Democracy, The Wisdom of the Hive and The Lives of Bees.

    Darwinian beekeeping is an evolutionary approach to beekeeping, which seeks to provide managed honeybee colonies with living conditions that are as close as possible to those of wild honeybee colonies. The goal is to harmonize our beekeeping methods with the natural history of Apis mellifera, and thus allow the bees to make full use of the toolkit of adaptations that they have evolved over the last 30 million years. Dr. Seeley will review ways in which the living conditions of wild and managed honeybees differ. He will also show how we can pursue beekeeping in a way that focuses less on treating a bee colony as a honey factory and more on nurturing the lives of the bees.

    8:00 - 8:30 pm - Presentation concludes

    8:30 pm - Meeting adjourns

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