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Gardening Program

No forage, no bees.  It's a simple statement but true, and coupled with the fact that habitat degradation and destruction is a primary cause of pollinator decline, planting for bees could not be more important.

The SCBA Gardening Program is a robust operation, with multiple home nurseries active year-round, growing thousands of plants for distribution within the county.  All of our plants are propagated by our volunteers, are as organic as one can get without certification, and are pesticide, fungicide, and herbicide free.  All are tried and true pollinator-friendly flowering plants.

We distribute our plants six times a year at the general membership meeting, as well as through various projects run internally through the program.  Come to a meeting and see for yourself!

Propagation Workshops

The Gardening Program does not purchase plants from outside nurseries, rather, we propagate our own stock from our own gardens.  This ensures quality and consistency over time, and allows us to learn about sustainable gardening techniques.

Workshops are held locally and consist of around twenty people set up in stations, including propagating from seeds, cuttings, and roots.  Plants then head off to the home nurseries to be tended until they are ready to be passed along to the membership and public.

School Pollinator Garden Project

In 2018 SCBA launched a pilot project aimed at bridging two of our programs and providing school children with a hands-on understanding of pollination.

The project operates as an extended presentation covering both honey bees and the mechanisms of pollination, but is coupled with a starter-pack of plants that the children plant with their school gardener.  Students then get to watch the plants grow, be foraged upon, and frequented by a variety of pollinators over the course of the seasons.  We return the next planting season (spring or fall) to follow up and potentially deliver a new load of plants.

In this way students get a real world understanding of pollination and pollinators.  They are able to watch the life cycle of plants and appreciate how pollinators bring forth the next generation.

In the fall of 2019 we expanded the application process and accepted five other schools, bringing our operational total to six.  The SCBA Gardening Program is very excited to see this project develop through the years, fulfilling our mission and planting forage along the way.

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