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SCBA Pillars of Conduct

As a regional beekeeping association, we gather around our mutual interest in honey bees and their care. Our love for the bees brings a diverse community together and in difficult times this can add tension to our lives. It cannot be understated how difficult 2020 was for everyone, from pandemic to political struggles to multiple devastating wildfires, and yet through it all we remained an active, loving community. SCBA has and always will operate with principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion as a foundation; our members will not discriminate on any basis.

Moving forward into 2021 we would like to remind ourselves of this fact and be mindful of the following pillars of conduct:

1) We treat each other with dignity and respect: we are a kind and caring association and uphold these values in all our interactions and workings.

2) We act with integrity and honesty: we are all volunteers and owe it to each other to show up, be accountable, and follow through on our commitments.

3) We remember our shared love: the bees are what brought us here and what keep us here, and we will continue building for them.

our mission and values

Our mission is to have a thriving and sustainable bee population in Sonoma County.  We strive to improve honey bee habitat, educate the community on the importance of pollinators, and practice sustainable beekeeping in our area.

Our five organizational values are:

1) We share the common goal of increasing the resiliency of honey bees.

2) We are committed to the critical evaluation of research and beekeeping practices to optimize colony health and survival.

3) We work to provide and protect healthy ecosystems that support honey bees and other pollinators.

4) We are focused on educating the community on the biology and importance of the honey bee.

5) We believe in building a respectful and inclusive beekeeping community that helps our members thrive.

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