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Are you a Sonoma County resident interested in honey bees, beekeeping, pollinator habitat, and your community?  SCBA supports a wide range of social, educational, and environmental activities; join today!

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our mission and values

Our mission is to have a thriving and sustainable bee population in Sonoma County.  We strive to improve honey bee habitat, educate the community on the importance of pollinators, and practice sustainable beekeeping in our area.

Our five organizational values are:

1) We share the common goal of increasing the resiliency of honey bees.

2) We are committed to the critical evaluation of research and beekeeping practices to optimize colony health and survival.

3) We work to provide and protect healthy ecosystems that support honey bees and other pollinators.

4) We are focused on educating the community on the biology and importance of the honey bee.

5) We believe in building a respectful and inclusive beekeeping community that helps our members thrive.

our programs

Membership Program

The SCBA Membership Program is the essence of our organization, bringing beekeepers together to better our beekeeping practices and apiaries.  This program consists of monthly general meetings, monthly regional "cluster" meetings, and our monthly newsletter, The Extractor.

Monthly general meetings are on a fixed day of the month (2nd Monday) and open to the public.  Members and guests socialize, discuss their apiaries and troubleshoot problems with others, and gather for a unique educational presentation.  Staff and board are present, as well as representativess of all other programs, giving members and guests a central time and location to engage the organization.

Monthly regional cluster meetings are members-only and involve a similar format revolving around an educational topic of relevance to the group.  Our regional clusters also support workshops, apiary inspections known as hive-dives, and community mentorship.

We publish our newsletterThe Extractor, each month and in it members can find lots of relevant beekeeping information, often month or season appropriate. SCBA members offer a wealth of information to each other in The Extractor, ranging from what to do in the apiary to what's blooming in the garden.

Community Education Program

The SCBA Community Education Program delivers hundreds of educational presentations every year, reaching thousands of community members across the county.  We primarily engage schools, ranging from grades pre-K through 12, though we also present at libraries and community organizations.

In addition to these ongoing presentations, we attend select community events each year and engage the community directly through participation in parades, fairs, and festivals.

Finally, we engage individual Sonoma County residents through our Public Swarm Retrieval Service.  Anyone can call in a swarm to our trained beekeepers who will safely retrieve the bees and provide a happy home.

Gardening Program

Known internally as "Gardening For Bees" (G4B), volunteers with the SCBA Gardening Program propagate thousands of plants every year and distribute them to the membership as well as the community at large.  

We host multiple home nurseries and bring plants to six general membership meetings each year.  In addition, the G4B group conducts internal educational field trips, instructional talks, and works closely with the Community Education Program to bring pollinator education into schools.

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