North County Swarm List

Here is a list of beekeepers who are available to collect swarms in NORTH Sonoma County area. If you don’t reach a person on the first call, try another beekeeper. All beekeepers on this list are volunteers and provide this service free of charge.

Please have exact address and location of the swarm, how long it has been there and how high off of the ground it is when you make the phone call.

Thanks for helping protect our bees!

To Ensure the Safety of Yourself and the Bees
Report Your Swarm as Soon as Possible


Locate a beekeeper by clicking on the region closest to the swarm location. It may take a couple of calls to get a hold of someone. Keep calling until you speak with a beekeeper. All beekeepers on this list are volunteers and provide this service free of charge.

EXTRACTIONS (Structural Bee Removal)

If the honeybees are in a wall or structure, look for a beekeeper who does structural bee removal.
Go to this link for a list of private/independent beekeepers who provide this service.

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 Last NameEmailSwarm phone 1Swarm phone 2Swarm RegionAvailability
ChrisConradchrisbconrad@comcast.net415 350-5700CENTRAL, NORTH, SOUTH, EAST,WESTANY TIME; ANY DAY
ShermHahstripleatech@hotmail.com707 577-0678707 217-5474EAST, WEST, NORTH, CENTRAL, SOUTHANY TIME; ANY DAY
MaureenBuftonmbufton@sbcglobal.net707-548-9024707-838-5945NORTHANYTIME; ANY DAY
JulieGugelgugelsix@sonic.net707 975-0198NORTHANY TIME; ANY DAY
MaryGuilloryguilloryml@hotmail.com707 894 4723NORTHANY TIME; ANY DAY
CandiceKosebaforager@singlethreadfarms.com312 593-2584NORTHANYTIME ANYDAY
MaureenLandwehrmbufton@sbcglobal.net707-548-9024NORTHANYTIME; ANY DAY
TonySolarifnkymvmt@yahoo.com707 696-4222NORTHANY TIME; ANY DAY
DanStormd.storm65@gmail.com707 245-2460NORTHANY TIME ANY DAY,
EmeryDannekdann76@gmail.com707 738-7643707 527-9711NORTH, SOUTH EAST, CENTRALANY TIME; ANY DAY
JohnMcGinnisgoahwayranch@gmail.com707 478-9787707 529-8053NORTH, SOUTH, CENTRALANY TIME; ANY DAY
DeborahRussell Bromandeborah@bromancellars.com707 337-4976NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST, CENTRALANY TIME ANY DAY
LizRussellrhoneypots@gmail.com707 696-0861707 540-2551North, South, West, East, CentralAny time, any day
MikeTurnermikel.turner@comcast.net415 871-4662415 871-4661North, South, West, East, Central, Marin CountyAny time, any day
BenjaminSchmidbschmid@sonic.net707-575-4778NORTH,SOUTHWEST CENTRALANY TIME ANY DAY