Educational Presentations

SCBA Providing honey bee education for the public and schools.

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School Age Presentations

We have a very nice package of activities that we present to classes with grade appropriate material. We try to have several hands-on activities including singing, drawing, and manipulating bee paraphernalia. We also cover more advanced topics in genetics and environmental issues for high schools and adults. We have a general outline of the various topics covered which you are welcome to take a look at by clicking the link below.

Topics Covered in School Presentations (PDF)

Public Presentations

SCBA has several talented and educated speakers that are available to speak to your group. Topics range from Bee Biology, Beekeeping, Planting for Pollinators and other current bee/beekeeping topics. Please fill out the form below to request a presentation.

Members, would you like to Participate in SCBA School Presentations?

Volunteers needed! Our presenters are often school teachers or retired school teachers, but definitely are people who have experience in beekeeping and like to talk about the bees. Some of them have jobs related to beekeeping, such as extracting bees from structures, which is very interesting to students.


Educators often work in teams but also can present alone. We often go out to these classes in small teams but some folks like to present by themselves. We have abundant teaching materials and props that are appropriate for many grade levels. The outline for possible topics is located in the link above.

If you are a SCBA member and would like to join our education efforts, please contact our education coordinator. It would be helpful if you mentioned days and times that you are available and, as always, thanks for volunteering.

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