Member Benefits


All members enjoy the use of our expansive library of books, journals, video and graphic media. Materials are available for check-out and return at every meeting. For more information contact the Librarian at

Honey Extractor Rental

Members have use of the association’s honey extracting equipment, as available.
Email or Call to reserve:

Cluster Group Mentoring

Our association has active Regional Cluster Groups where new and experienced beekeepers gather in their regions for advice, instruction and general support. See our Cluster Groups page or contact the Regional Coordinator

NOTE: Bee Cafes and Hive Dives are reserved for Members Only. Non-members will have an opportunity to sign up at these events but due to liability concerns will not be able to participate if not a current member.

Extractor Newsletter

All members receive an Online monthly newsletter via email, The Extractor, which includes minutes from the previous meeting, interesting articles about bees and beekeeping, along with What to do this month, a very helpful column by Serge Labesque containing instructions about caring for your bees in Sonoma County. Members are also able to post want ads in the newsletter at no cost.

SCBA General Meetings

SCBA monthly General Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month; Meet and Greet at 6 pm, membership meeting and speaker from 7-9 pm. We host an excellent selection of speakers, and our meetings cover a wide range of topics of interest to beekeepers and anyone wanting to learn about honeybees. You do not need to be a member or a beekeeper to attend.
See Calendar Events page for more info.

Swarm List

SCBA provides an Emergency Swarm List (contact information for members who will collect swarms) to local and regional cities, county businesses and government agencies. Collecting swarms is a community service and members wishing to be involved in collecting swarms must be willing to follow the swarm list requirements, make the commitment to being available while on the list, and provide this service free of charge. During swarm season you are expected to answer your phone and respond.

To be on the list, you must be an active member and have a least one year of experience with beekeeping. All swarm list members must have attended a swarm orientation and the annual swarm information update meeting. For more information about these meetings and being on the swarm list contact the Swarm Coordinator at or your Cluster Leader.

We are asking members who collect swarms from the SCBA swarm list to report the swarm to the Swarm at

It is highly recommended that if you collect more swarms than you need, please share the bees with other members in your local cluster who need bees.

This list is not intended for members only wishing to add bees to their apiary. For members wishing to add locally adapted bees to their apiary, please get involved with your local cluster and volunteer.